About WV

My mission is to provide toxic-free, eco friendly home supplies and personal care products with a focus on reducing dependence on single use plastics.

We are exposed to toxic ingredients and I want to be able to make you better equipped at making healthier, more sustainable choices in your everyday life. 

Bringing Wellness Vibe to fruition has been many years in the nutrition world and seeing the harmful effects of ingredients and trendy diets play in the role of our health. Not only did I notice the lack of ingredient regulation in food and how it is produced but also in the personal care products we use everyday. 


Stacey Pulliam is a Registered Dietitian, Culinary Nutrition Expert, Norwex Consultant, and owner of Wellness Vibe living in RVA.  When she is not in the kitchen, researching products or shuttling kids around to sports, she can be found playing with her Aussie Dog, Jack, outdoors in nature, and exercising.