Casa Agave Pot Scrubber Brush
Casa Agave Pot Scrubber Brush

Casa Agave Pot Scrubber Brush

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Why I love it

This heavy-duty scrub brush has stiff plant fiber bristles to scrub pots and pans and stuck-on food. It helps you replace plastic pot scrubbers in the kitchen!


Each brush can be used for 1-6 months. Do not leave any of the wood parts soaking in water, the wood will absorb water and it will cause the wood to swell and crack. Hang to dry or place in a dry spot after using it. If you find your brush is not staying dry, dip the bristles in vinegar occasionally to help kill bacteria. The Moso bamboo is naturally antibacterial but the vinegar will help too.


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End of Life

Continue using this brush until the bristles no longer work, then compost or bury in the garden or dispose of in a green waste bin. Stop using the brush and replace it if you see any mold growth.


Sustainable Moso bamboo, Agave fiber. Casa Agave fiber bristles are grown, harvested, sun-dried, and processed in Mexico using traditional techniques to ensure high quality and strong natural fiber. Vegan.